Ziggy Tashi : design

Ian Luckett : code

Lou MacRae : photography

Despite the web’s exponential growth in recent years, in grand scheme of things web is still in its infancy. It was only in the early 90s when Sir Tim Berners-Lee (Tim-BL) gave us the very first incarnation of HTML and the World Wide Web was born. Can anyone actually remember what the world was like before Tim-BL? We lived in that era, but we sure can’t remember much of it. It’s almost as if pre-web life was so dull it didn’t count.

It doesn’t seem so long ago when business’ main concern was not much more than to establish a web presence, just an addendum to their existing marketing channels. As time went we all realised that the web could make a real difference to our growth. OK, so there were a few glitches along the way, such as the world wide .com fiasco in the late 90s. As we reflected after the initial mayhem and confusion, a new way of thinking arose. Eventually this led to the exponential growth of the web, hugely benefiting both businesses and consumers in real and material ways.

Robust and functional websites are a must for any serious business. But things continue to evolve, and robust websites need to have aesthetic credentials. They must look great if they are to be the back bone of any business that means business.

Apple’s way of thinking has been hugely inspirational to us. They have shown to everyone around the world what happens when great technologies are made to look beautiful and friendly. This philosophy in the very core our design and development DNA – no cutting corners, no rough edges, no ambiguities – just honest, smooth crisp web design with crisp intuitive functionality.

And this is where the WebSurgeons shine. We passionately believe that your business should communicate your message effectively and stylishly to your target audience.

WebSurgeons very much understand the current and emerging web trends and technologies. We offer an all encompassing service to give you a website which complements your other communication media, be it for domestic or international markets.