A slick, engaging, robust, and fast-loading website based on award winning WordPress technology, designed and constructed to the highest, aesthetic and functional criteria. It gives you, the client, full control and intuitive management of your website content. The quoted price applies on the assumption that clients supply their own copy and images, have their own domain name and have arranged the web hosting service. Minimum web-hosting specifications apply. Details available on request.start from: £2500
Below are just some of the extra visual / interactive features that we can offer you without being too complicated or too technical about things. We would very strongly recommend you consider some of these options. We can almost hear you think how we would perhaps say something like that just so we can charge you more. But that’s not the point – we truly believe that money spent on extra features will more positively engage your potential clients. None of us ever got where we are by not putting our money where our mouth's are. We promise to always give you an honest price for honest work.
Animated content: Scrolling Java scripted image-based menus or carousels that work beautifully on all mobile devices. A single Image Carousel with multiple images that can scroll automatically or manually. This attractive feature adds to the dynamic look and feel of a website, encouraging visitors to focus and explore far more than they might otherwise do. The Carousel would be strategically positioned on as many website pages as you require.£200
Additional customised Image Scrolling Carousels: Each new animated web feature can add extra dynamics to the website and prevent the sense of repetition.£100
Homepage animated presentations - "splash" page: The home page is like a front cover of a magazine. Visually it has to deliver maximum punch. An animated sequence of images, text and / or graphics will visually stimulate the visitor, and significantly add to the value of your brand. At a glance it gives the visitor an impression of the high quality treatment and service they can expect from you.£100
Flash animation: Flash is, of course, not the platform of choice for mobile devices such as smart phones or iPads. Android devices claim to support Flash, but don’t you believe it. However, if your focus is mainly on desktop computers, Flash can be a formidable and immensely engaging interactive tool with unlimited creative possibilities.P.O.A.
Online booking calendar: A fully featured online appointments system that is both robust and intuitive.£250
PayPal synchronization: An e-commerce package that is synchronized to your PayPal account allowing you to update and modify the products on web display.£300
Copywriting: For up to 15 pages (approx. 250 words per page). This would include an initial consultation as well as an approval consultation. We can also edit supplied copy to meet your marketing needs. This can be done at a lower initial cost, subject to agreement.£750
Stock Photography: Supply of 20 good quality stock images (approx £10 per image).£200
Bespoke Photography: You may want to consider using bespoke images that represent your business in a exclusive and distinctive way. Professional photographer on-location daily rate. £350
SEO - Search Engine Optimization: Enhances your Google ranking. It can push your website closer to the top of Google search. Please note that we only engage in industry approved SEO procedures. £500
Connection to existing booking database - or other in-house computer systems is also an option for future development. Our base system has many inbuilt features that can accommodate the future systems integration. We are always available to discuss your individual needs and technical specifications.
Web hosting and domain name consultancy:P.O.A.
Server-side maintenance:P.O.A.
Website and domain Migration:P.O.A.